SAP Business one HANA

This is the new paradigm of computing for the future, enabling companies to drive their entire business in real time for unprecedented value.

SAP Business One HANA


With a foundation of more than 40 years of innovation with best-in-class business applications SAP has introduced a new element of innovation by providing the ability to run SAP Business One on the next-generation in-memory platform SAP HANA.

Priced specifically for smaller businesses, SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA brings together transactions and analytics into a single in-memory platform for smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.

SAP remains committed to support its customer’s choice of database technologies and vendors. SAP Business One will continue to be offered on the Microsoft SQL database.

SAP Business One HANA


SAP developed the game-changing SAP HANA platform – leveraging the power of in memory technology to address concerns about growing data volume that impact businesses of all sizes. It provides a modern platform for real-time applications and real-time analytics without complicating your IT landscape.


  • In-memory calculations and optimization for multicore, 64-bit processors of the SAP HANA platform result in faster processing for both transactional and analytical information.
  • Pre-packaged business logic that comes with the SAP HANA platform enables faster software development and deployment.
  • Analytics powered by SAP HANA can be licensed separately for the SQL version of SAP Business One. These analytics are included in the version for SAP HANA.
  • The version for SAP HANA runs on a certified SUSE Linux server.
  • Customers using the version for SAP HANA and the SAP Business One mobile app will benefit from enhancements in enterprise search, advanced ATP, cash flow forecasting, delivery rescheduling for existing sales order items, and embedded analytics.


  • Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production, and financial processes
  • Faster business insight for improved decision making
  • Unmatched performance gains as more users access the software concurrently
  • Reduced IT ownership costs

Key Features

  • MEET DATA CHALLENGES : Businesses consist of huge number of database to be managed effectively. Real time management of these data gets accelerated through SAP HANA that uses RAM instead of hard-disk for data storage.
  • SPEED : Massive volumes of data are processed in typically high speed so that fetching of information does not take much time. Effective data utilization since info across entire module can be obtained whenever needed.
  • CLOUD PLATFORM : Open platform to store and access data at any time exists through cloud computing technology. This proven platform rapidly deploys applications onto it so that required details can be viewed from any locale.
  • STORAGE : Unlike traditional systems SAP HANA stores information in column oriented structure. This system makes join of data in row and column format to occur easily enabling processing to save time in data processing.
  • AVOIDS REPLICATION : Manual data entry commonly consists of data replications. Duplication of info gets reduced as SAP HANA looks after that accurately avoiding errors and redundancy ultimately saving time and space on data maintenance.
  • AVAILABLE ANYTIME : Data stored under cloud computing platform provides essential details in secured manner at any time. Authentication procedure cut downs illegal activities and are available only to authenticated people.